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Storyboards & Concepts

This is a collection of concepts that were developed up to the Design Board phase.

The Episode of The Day - Bobs Burgers Titles

One of the most favored Easter eggs of the show is the burgers of the day. The opening will highlight this usually hard to notice aspect of the show. We get up close & personal with the chalkboard that features our revered Burgers of the Day.

Change for Change - Donors Choose PSA

After all your living expenses you’re left, hopefully, with some money leftover. What are you going to do with that money? Are you going to go out drinking and partying? Buy a video game or some clothes? Or are you going to use that change for change? The spot focus on all the frivolous ways that young adults spend some of the extra cash they may get their hands on and instead of wasting it encourages them to use their leftovers to support a education.

Goldilocks Retribution - Promotional App Infographic

In the familiar story of Goldilocks & The Three Bears, Goldilocks trespasses in the bears home. She makes herself at home; eating their food, breaking their furniture and sleeping in their beds. When caught, in the story, she cowardly runs away. In this spot she does the right thing and pays the bears back for all she has done. To pay them back, she uses none other than the CashApp. 

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