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Styling your hair should be a breeze, and so should taking care of it. Crown gives you all the knowledge and know-how on how to love your hair. find styles, products, tips & tricks specifically curated to your specific hair type. Let Crown become your best hair friend as it tracks your hair routine and gets to know your individual crown. With Crown, you can make your hair happy.

The Story

I’ve bought hair products that don’t work for my hair because of the porosity, curl pattern & texture. I’ve ended up with a plethora of hair care products left catching dust because they don’t work for my hair. There was one night, post wash routine, which within itself is a hassle, I decided to do a wash and go. A wash and go is when you soak drenched hair in gel to define the curl pattern. I used a gel that was water based, as I woke up, it turned out to be a bad idea. The gel never dried properly, so all the time I spent doing my hair was wasted. My hair ended up looking terrible, leaving me with a tangled mess, 30 minutes before class. I quickly tried to style my hair but it ended up being a puff, not the ideal look. The gel I used ended up being a waste of money and product. My specific hair type can only be styled in certain ways but I never know what will actually work. It would be helpful for me to know what kind of hairstyles and products work for my hair. When I did my big chop (transitioned to natural), styling my hair was the hardest part for me. I had very little knowledge on the in’s and out’s of natural hair, specifically on 4C hair, the hardest texture to manage of them all. I had to just ask my friends what they did, but their routines wouldn’t work for me because our hair types were so unique. Being an island girl, I go to the beach a lot, but this proves to be a hassle because natural hair and sea water do not mix. My hair ends up crunch, tangled and dry, leaving me in a mad dash to fix it before it begins to break.

The Pain Points

From the story, I pulled 4 main pain points.
-Not knowing what products to use
-Not knowing my Hair Type
-Didn’t know how to style my hair
-Didn’t know how to care for my hair


The Flows

The flows depict how the user moves through the app completing each task. They also show how a pain point is transformed into a brag point. 


The Sketches

Based on the screens from the flows, low-fidelity sketches are developed. The sketches help visualize the movement through a flow. They also begin the consideration of hierarchy, iconography, and layout for each screen.

The User Testing

Using the sketches (or the prototype) users were tested to see how they moved through the app. 

The Visuals

I wanted the app to feel very friendly, very approachable and very happy. It intended to take what can be a scary topic to broach, hair, much more accessible.

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