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The Golden Age of Piracy

There is a saying in pirate lore, that if a pirate were to dream of heaven, they would think about laying in a hammock on the islands of the Bahamas, sipping rum, and feeling the blowing wind and sun on their face. Piracy
is deeply rooted in the history of the Bahamas. Many relics of this infamous history are still in existence today. Some of the most notorious pirates of the age claimed Nassau as their own. Most of what we know of Piracy
has come from written accounts of long-told stories passed through the ages. Since history is written why
not tell the story of Bahamian piracy through paper?

All characters, objects and scenes would be cut out of different colored paper and animated digitally. I went this route because I wanted to pay homage to stop-mo but also a bit of paper cut animation (ie. Lotte Reiniger). I illustrated the individual pieces in illustrator then printed them backwards and cut them out on color aid. 

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