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Lord of The Flies Promotional Packaging

In the midst of a war, a group of young schoolboys are sent away from the plighted land, only to be shot down as they flew. "Lord of the Flies" is a classic tale of conflict and survival. The boys go through a metamorphosis, losing their fragile innocence and evoking their inner savage nature long covered by their learned civilized nature. 

For the packaging design, the idea for the main package was to be an explosion box. An explosion box is a box that when the lid is removed the walls of the box fall away; it explodes. This kind of box was chosen because in a sense, towards the end of the story, the island catches on fire and it explodes in flames. 

The pigs head was sculpted using Sculpey and then painted with acrylic paint. It was then glazed with glossy Modpodge to make the head look more fresh, considering meat sweats. The boxes outer motif was to be the island's foliage, and the lid, when holding the box together was to be symbolic of the inferno that the island would become towards the climax of the tale. The inner motif was to imitate the island shore and the looming tropical jungle. 

The outer box was imagined to be a shipping crate that would possibly be a part of the wreckage of the boy's flight. It is a wooden crate that has been pained with acrylic paint to mimic a stain. The box has been beaten up a bit to simulate the havoc it would endure through a plane crash. The shipping labels are also made to look deteriorated. The title has been burnt on using a wood burning pen. 

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