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Project South Rebrand

"Project South was founded in 1986 as a membership-based, movement-building organization working for racial & economic justice in the US South. Our constituency is primarily Black youth in South Atlanta and communities of color across the Southeast region who are directly affected by race, class & gender oppression. We believe strong social movements are the only viable way to achieve liberation from the many forms of oppression that plague our most vulnerable communities. Organizationally, we focus on Leadership Development, Community Education, Legal Advocacy, & Building Infrastructure that connects communities across the many boundaries and borders that divide us."

“We want to communicate a connection to our
historical past and a vision of possibility for a more just future ”

I got the opportunity to work with Project South for SCAD Generate 2017. It was a group effort including me, Connie Lee & Katherine Fuenmayor.

Based on the provided brief, my team & I came up with 3 different marks.

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