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Syfy Seasonal Animations

Syfy is dedicated to all things science fiction, fantasy, and supernatural horror, with some other stuff like space and future technology thrown in for good measure.


Sometimes Sci-Fi, no matter how well done it is, can have a cheesy feel to it. Think back to the first picturizations we'd see of aliens, big almond shaped heads with a scrawny grey body. It was usually a comic sight. This spot brings our little alien friend into the holidays, watching his daily life through festive lens. Maybe
for Valentines, he has a girl over and things get spicy under a neon light or it's Thanksgiving and he's enjoying some turkey (or a turkey dinner) all by his lonesome.


Motion tests were done to view what the final animations would look like before the full heavy duty renderings.

Valentines Day

Valentines is the day of love or a day to lament over the lack of love. Our alien friend has gotten himself a girl and as the night goes on things get a little more.. spicy. 

Christmas Day

Valentines Day obviously didn't go too well for our alien, as he's alone on Christmas Day eating a microwave turkey dinner watching reruns. Mysteriously, his tree is possessed, maybe by the ghost of Christmas (or of his exes) past.

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